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Stingless bee honey

Stingless bee honey

Collected along the edge of the tropical forest of Mount Meru in Tanzania, this honey is fermented, naturally sour and comes from small stingless bees. These only occur in tropical rainforests near the equator.


Stingless bee honey is known as the Mother Medicine. The small bees can extract the nectar from deeper within the flower chamber then other bees. The honey therefore contains more vitamins and minerals then the usual honey. It is used by traditional healers for its anti-aging effect, high enzymes and flavonoid levels, boosting effect on the immune system and regulating blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Like any other honey it has a strong antibacterial effect.


How to use it?

Take one teaspoon 3 times per day in hot water or tea.

Apply honey on small skin scratches to enhance the healing process.


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