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African Digestive Tea
  • African Digestive Tea

    This combination of African herbs enhances digestion and regulates the intestinal tract. Moringa leaves provide the necessary minerals and vitamins for a good functioning of the intestinal system, Moringa seeds fight bacterial infections. Ginger moves energy, Inuka relaxes the nervous system, chamomile decreases inflammation, bay leaves enhance digestion. Aspilia and Guava leaves are commonly used against digestive problems by the Meru tribe. The tea provides all necessary properties for a healthy digestion.


    Best to take 1 or 2 cups on empty stomach to regulate and strengthen the stomach and intestinal system or support the digestive process by drinking a cup after a meal.


    Put 2 teaspoon of tea leaves or a tea bag in a cup of hot water and leave it to infuse for 5 minutes.


    Available as:

    - Loose leave tea (80 Gms)

    - Tea bags (30 Pcs)

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