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African Detox Tea
  • African Detox Tea

    This healing tea consists of 4 plants growing in the tropical environment of Mount Meru. The main ingredients are Moringa leaves for the general strengthening of the body, Inuka for the relaxation of the nervous system, Aspilia flowers for the detoxification of the liver and lemongrass for cleansing the kidneys. Moringa seeds to help absorb and remove toxins.


    Best to be used on empty stomach throughout the day to help the body in the cleaning process. No detoxification without opening the filter organs and relaxation of the autonomous nervous system. This tea is a harmonious combination of both.


    Pour hot water on 2 teaspoons of tea leaves or a tea bag, wait 5 minutes.


    Available in:

    - Loose leave tea (80Gms) 

    - Tea bags (30Pcs)

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