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Healing Product Line

The African Healing Journey Teas & Remedies are developed based on my experience with running a healing center in Momella, Tanzania for the last 10 years. The combination of Africa’s healing plants found in nature and grown on organic farms induces self-healing processes in the body for specific indications. These recipes have already helped many people in their journey to more strength and well-being. 

We started these products to help our patients to recover by using healing plants that their ancestors have been collecting since generations. As these products have been shown very effective, we wanted to make them available to people wherever they are.
The high quality is ensured by collecting the plants around the original tropical forest on the foot of Mt. Meru or by being grown local permaculture farms.
We empower people and create jobs by packaging the products with locally made kanga bags from Africa Amini woman group, employing people with disadvantages to integrate them in the working process and enabling Maasai woman to have an income while working on the fields.

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