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Baobab powder
  • Baobab powder

    Baobab is a tree native to certain regions in Africa. It produces a large fruit, available here in powdered form, which is associated with many health benefits. Predominant is the high amount of vitamin C, which also gives it its citrus-like taste.


    In addition to providing many important nutrients, vitamins and minerals, adding baobab to your diet may aid in weight loss, balance blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system and optimize digestive health.


    How to use Baobab powder?

    Use 2 tablespoons in hot or cold water, in a smoothie or add it to any food. Best to use it three times a day for therapeutic effect and twice a day for preventive use.

    In capsule form, take 3 capsules twice a day (minimum) on an empty stomach.


    Available in:

    - Loose powder  (400 Gms)

    - Capsules (180 Pcs)

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