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“Natural forces within us
 are the true healers of disease.”


Your Healing Journey

We create a healing space in which you are guided into your next step of development. Remedies and treatments help you to regain strength and long-term recovery. We are using treatment methods from different parts of the world, supporting the own regulation ability with specially prepared mixtures and remedies. Furthermore we treat you with regulatory devices based on magnetic field and high frequencies, systemic interventions, quantum healing techniques, neurological regulation, acupuncture and shamanic work. 


All these methods are being combined and applied individually. The principle is based on integrative healing using indigenous medical resources in a country that has always been able to rely on its traditional healing plants. These remedies are used in a comprehensive way together with natural healing techniques from the East and the West. 


With our work we are creating an atmosphere in which everyone has the chance to grow, to recognise his/her strengths and return to his/her own potential. Africa, where we all have our roots as human beings can be a place of recovery and serve as start for a new phase in life. Under the guidance of Dr. Cornelia with her empathic team, you will experience a process of understanding and growing in order to regain physical strength and emotional stability.

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“Mother nature provides us with gifts for our own healing. It is up to us to honor them and use them in a proper way.” 

“Do not judge or criticize the past, reevaluate and write your new story”


“There is no dis-ease in a fully conscious being- understanding is the best way  healing”


We start with analyzing the inherent weaknesses on the physical as well as the subconscious level. Next, we discuss any existing performed medical investigations and complement these with an energetic checkup of the general constitution.

Vitatec full body diagnostics

OS check to detect mineral and toxin levels

The Chinese Meridian Analysis 

Psycho-kinesiological methods of testing

Homeopathic anamnesis

Diagnostics based on ethnomedical knowledge for topics in the unconscious

Shamanistic detection of blockages in the luminous energy field



Imbalances on the physical level

  • Advice on medication in collaboration with the clients physician or specialist in charge

  • Orthomolecular therapy to build up and counterbalance missing substances with the help of traditional healing plants

  • Individual nutritional advise as a long term therapy approach

  • Massage and hot water bottle plant wrappings 

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Mag. Dr. Cornelia Wallner-Frisee

Medical Doctor 



“A medical doctor cures symptoms, a healer accompanies his client on his healing journey”

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